About me

My name is Zuriñe and I’m an artist, I live in Bilbao and I need to express myself.

I was born in a grey Left Bank of the Great Bilbao during the desindustrialisation period.

When I was a child, I used to look at my grandfather while he was painting, and I liked it.

When I was a teenager I used to have many feelings, about myself but also about the world around me, and I didn’t konw what to do with them. I did’nt understand anything. I chose art as a way to manage those impulses and to understand things better. And it wasn’t an easy journey. It was difficult to me to fit all the pieces of the puzzle. But it served me. I would love if it could serve you as well.

As an adult I spent a lot of time wandering what art was. I didn’t get it. But I did choose the kind of art I want to make; An art which represents life while bringing it emotion and beauty.

I explored every discipline I could. Because I was willing to learn, and because I had different things to tell, and each of theme had to to be told in a different way.

Mi work follows the dream of another possible worlds, more kind, more colourfull.

Because art makes life better. Or at least, it has made mine better.